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Tiggets for bus companies

Tiggets Bus supports both small and large bus companies with great features to handle and optimize your operations. Take advantage of the dynamic ticket feature and create strong marketing concepts to drive people to your brand and optimize sales and logistics. And both your customers and emplyess will love the efficient and flawless scanning at boarding.

Tiggets for tour operators

No more waiting in line, no more uncertainty about availability. Tiggets Tour Operators offers both you and your customers a wonderful service experience. Your co-workers will love you for removing the constant phone and email support as your customers can handle booking, payment and cancellations themselves. You will improve both your bottom line and the overall customer experience by removing the stress factor from your product. 

Tiggets for ferry companies

The Tigget Ferry is for you who run a ferry company with the aim to transport different types of vehicles and people. We know what there is to know about ferry scheduling and fleet management, so let Tiggets help you in your everyday life by offering selfservice to your customers.


See what Tiggets has done for some of our happy clients.

Linie 888 busses

Linie 888, Denmark's leading long distance bus company, has introduced a solid and highly flexible e-business platform based on Tiggets.

A text book example of how to prepare for the future with digital technology to dominate the competition that is building up all over Europe across boarders. 

Linie 888 handles thousands and thousands of customers and digital tickets every week, month and year with the Tiggets online administration and services. 

Check out this Danish clip showing a boarding situation with Linie 888 and a satisfied employee.

Fonden Jakob

For the tour operator Fonden Jakob we have introduced Tiggets as their digital ticketing business system. 

With around 20,000 passengers per year the small tug boat sails in the Bay of Aarhus at events like Sculpture by the Sea.

The greatest benefits are that everything from buying a ticket to actual boarding is secure and hassle-free for both the Fonden Jakob employess and their customers. 

System benefits

Tiggets has a wide set of benefits to help you optimize your online ticketing sales and overall business.

Business optimizer

Customers have different needs when buying tickets. Some want to buy it online others on the phone, and some when entering. With Tiggets your customers can received the right service on all touch points. Creating loyal and returning customers. 

The system is flexible and customizable and the result is a system supporting your business and improving your sales. 

Check out how Tiggets can optimize your business in the video to the left. 

Benefits of the system

Tiggets is a digital ticketing system that is built for tight integration with your online platform. Tiggets also provides a possiblity for custom integration with back office systems such as your ERP for easier reporting and accounting.

Check out the benefits of the system in the video to the right. 


System features

Tiggets is packed with a lot of great features all ensuring a cross device and omni channel approach to selling tickets.

Mobile ticket scanning

You will use mobile hand held scanning devices to easily scan tickets and sync data. Our ticket scanning method is highly fraud proof, ensures faster boarding times, and provides multiple options for passangers to present their tickets.

Continuos real-time overview of passenger statistics contributes to flawless ticketing management.

Available in the cloud and on premise

Tiggets can be used on premise, installed internally on your infrastructure or in the cloud. We provide full technical support starting with the installation on your premise, a full implementation process and support options from 24/7 remote interventions to physical presence if needed.

Easy to use and implement

Our experienced team is ready to implement Tiggets into your business and tackle every challenge. Once Tiggets is installed you can experience all the advantages of our user friendly interface.

The admin application provides full control of the Tiggets system including the booking module, the departures module, the reports module, the customers module and the setup module that provides overall configuration as well as system settings.

No special personnel training is needed, and Tiggets is out of the box ready to use.

Easy migration

The migration process is prepared and executed without disturbing your day to day business activities, and the system becomes fully operational without you even noticing the transition.

Moving from your old system to Tiggets will benefit your company tremendously, and the change will definitely be worth the effort.


No matter the size and complexity of your company, Tiggets can manage all ticket selling aspects. Through iterative analysis of your business we will customize and adjust Tiggets to achieve your requirements.

Modularity is one of the main characteristics of Tiggets. You can use the segments that you find useful and upgrade as your business grows.


Tiggets is fully functional across platforms. Your customer satisfaction depends on it.

As an extra feature we can design custom mobile apps for your company to make the purchasing experience even more enjoyable and swift.

Marketing power

Analytic data is essential for calculated business growth. 

Collect information from your customers during the ticket purchasing process, build your database and use it to develop your business. Provided data enables you to target your customers directly with various offers, discounts and loyalty programmes.

White label system

Take control of your own ticket sales directly on your own site and gain full control of your brand.

You can embed our ticket form into your own site and style it any way you like.

We understand the importance of branding so we can help adjust the design to your standards making the form unique and recognizable.


Tiggets comes with flexible price plans to suit your business needs. We would like to know your business and your strategy in order to offer a price estimate and a solution model. So please get in touch at [email protected]

Tiggets Options


Just call us at +45 86 12 22 40 or write at [email protected] We are a Danish company but we will switch into English right away :-)